Reducing your average number of meds from 16 to 9 is now possible.

By simply following OrionRx Pharmacy’s practical solutions, facilities are realizing remarkable results. Our competitors believe the more meds they sell, the more money they make. OrionRx Pharmacy has a different perspective. We believe that when your facility is successful, we are too.

Unlike mere vendors, we see ourselves as your true partner in providing quality care to senior residents. Our competitors look at Clinical Consultant Pharmacists simply as regulatory obligations, marginalizing their role. OrionRx Pharmacy, on the other hand, values their expertise, keen insights and attention to detail.

Meeting compliance regulations for reviewing a minimum number of charts may be fine for vendors, but not for us. We review every available chart every month, looking for redundant, unnecessary and over-prescribed meds. This alone will have a significant and positive impact on your bottom line. Reducing the number of meds also means:

  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Less time on med pass and charting
  • Reduced liability
  • Positive financial outcomes

Get a second opinion before exhausting valuable resources for unnecessary technology.

Many pharmacy companies default to technology as a panacea for the financial challenges that long-term facilities face today. While we recognize that state-of-the-art systems can streamline processes and reduce inefficiencies, a total makeover can be costly and unnecessary.

No matter what level of technology you currently use, Tri-Med Pharmacy can effectively assess your needs and seamlessly integrate upgrades. This practical approach frees funds you can use elsewhere.

Request your consultation today.

At OrionRx, we recognize that every facility is unique, which is why we recommend a comprehensive review to determine your individual needs.

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