Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services

24/7/365 Support & Service

OrionRx keeps a pharmacist on call 24 hours a day for emergencies. We can assist you with everything from clinical compliance issues to billing and technology upgrades Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

Timely Medication Deliveries

We deliver prescriptions 365 days a year, including holidays. We provide our clients with secured custom emergency drug kits. Distribution is handled from our Canton, Ohio location. 

Prescription Tracking

The OrionRx Tracking System lets you know where any prescription is in the delivery system at any time. The built-in safety features in our system ensure that the right medication, right route, and right dosage get to the right patient at the right time.

Facility/Pharmacy Connectivity

Our secure web-based pharmacy portal, Webconnect, allows facility staff to connect to their residents’ pharmacy profiles and access medication interactions, as well as drug monographs for education and discharge. It also enables us to determine whether medications have refills or require prior authorization, if they can be refilled on line and allows us to receive orders in a paperless manner.

Billing Support

A dedicated billing consultant will handle your account. He or she will be able to answer all of your questions and inquiries, as well as provide support for ongoing Medicare Part D questions and concerns. They will also be able to bill Medicare Part B, State Medicaid and private insurance plans. In addition, your account manager can provide comparative information on PDP coverage, formulary and costs.

Seamless Transition

We realize the challenge that changing pharmacies presents and provide a process that includes key facility personnel to assure transition issues are addressed and managed. Our program includes:

  • A transition manual outlining key responsibilities
  • Pre-transition meetings to assure progress is maintained
  • Transition week support at your facility
  • Post-transition meetings to identify changes required to assure success

Medical Records Support

Our data management team provides all monthly forms, including POFs, MARs, TARs, physician order sheets and psychotropic forms. Our forms and reports can include all patient orders, whether drug or non-drug related. We can customize reports for your use, such as diet orders, antibiotic and psychotropic drug use. OrionRX is also responsible for checking standard or customized administration record accuracy.

Secured Custom Emergency Drug Kit

A secured, onsite drug storage cabinet keeps an emergency supply of drugs that residents use.