Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Clinical Consultant Pharmacists and Nurses

As valuable members of the interdisciplinary team, our consultants are personally involved in the management of patient outcomes. Consulting includes:

  • Outcome-oriented drug regimens and monthly chart reviews on each resident
  • Psychotropic drug monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical reports detailing findings and recommendations
  • Ongoing quality control
  • Training
  • Educating staff
  • Documentation

Cost-Effective Formularies

Our clinical consultant pharmacists review every chart on a monthly basis and will recommend ways to meet a resident’s pharmacy needs.

Customized Programs

Long-term facilities and communities are not alike, which is why instead of relying on a one-size-fits-all strategy, OrionRx customizes its program to your exact needs. We can demonstrate ways to improve clinical and financial outcomes, no matter the level of technical sophistication.

Survey Support

OrionRx Pharmacy, LLC's clinical consultant nurses and pharmacists offer an array of FREE, custom in-services to help prepare your facility's staff for state survey.  Our custom clinical presentations are formatted to address current and pressing state survey tags.  Some of the most popular custom in-service modules are as follows: Coumadin Module (INR, PT), Diabetic Module (Insulin, Sliding Scale and Meter), Med-Pass Overview (Presentation and Observation) and Medication Administration via Enteral Tube.  A Certificate of Continued Education will be presented to nurses upon completion of in-service.  Let our professional staff help educate and instill confidence within your nursing staff.

Compatible Solutions

Our systems work without costly upfront charges or a large investment in costly technology.

No matter what level of technology you are currently using, OrionRx's system can integrate with it.  Just like our competitors, we have access to the industry's most advanced technology, but unlike them, we only recommend upgrades that are financially sensible, save you money and meet your needs - all of which are determined after a comprehensive assessment.