About Tri-Med
About OrionRx

At OrionRx, we believe clinical consultant pharmacists and clinical nurses are the most underutilized tools in the long-term care industry today. All too often, our competitors have shifted the responsibility for better clinical and financial outcomes from people to technology. While we don't discount the impact technology can make, it does not trump the contributions that dedicated and conscientious clinical consultant pharmacists and nurses provide.

You won't find a cookie-cutter mentality here. With founders who have been in the long-term care industry, we have an uncanny ability to see the challenges that our customers face from their perspective. Needless to say, we recognize that no two long-term care facilities/communities are alike, nor are the solutions we provide.

Unlike a number of publicly traded pharmacies, OrionRx is privately held, so we are not obligated to stockholders and are not constrained to put profits before our patients. Never satisfied with yesterday's achievements, we continually look for ways to improve the quality of our service and dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of excellence. 

If that's the kind of pharmacy partner you seek, then we invite you to take a closer look at OrionRx.